An email campaign managing platform. Increase your sales by letting your customers know about your latest products and offerings.

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The features we're working on

These are the features we're planning for the first version. We have a bunch more coming in the future.

Collect subscribers

Let your customers subscribe from your website via sign-up forms, automatically after they finish their order via our plugins, or import them via our APIs.


Organize your subscribers based on the collected attributes, on the number of orders, on the number of campaigns sent to them, on their email opened rate, on the their interests or everything combined.

Create beautiful emails

Use our template editor to create beautiful emails or select one from our gallery and customize it. Create, import, and edit templates via our APIs.

Taylor every email

Tailor every email specifically to each of your customers. Use the data you have about a customer to create personal emails with the customer's information. Use conditions to include specific paragraphs or links depending on the customer.

Target your audience

Use our easy to use wizards to precisely target a specific group matching your criteria. See immediately how many subscribers match and see a preview of them. Use our querying language to create advanced queries via our APIs.

Multiple email providers

Use your existing email provider for the most cost effective campaigns. We integrate with various services for email delivery such as Amazon SES, SparkPost, and more. Send a single campaign using multiple providers to optimize the cost.

Detailed statistics

See how your campaign in doing in real time. See how many have opened the email, how many have clicked a link or how many have bounced. See charts and tables, create reports and export them to various formats.

Let your customers decide

Make it easy for your customers to manage their subscription preferences, subscribe or unsubscribe based on their interests.


Enable your developers to take advantage of the platform using our APIs. Anything you can do via the Admin interface can be done pragmatically from your own system as well.

Designed to scale

Working on a lot of projects? Managing campaigns for clients? Sending Bee is designed to handle large teams working on different projects simultaneously. Assign roles, permissions, and keep track everything that's happening.

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