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Send up to 62,000 newsletters for free every month with Amazon SES

Choose the right audience

Create lists and segments to precisely target a specific audience.

Organize contacts (subscribers) into lists and further break down into segments based on their properties or past interactions using Segment editor. See the number of matching contacts in real time. Both lists and segments can be then used as the target audience for a campaign.

Design and personalize emails

Template editor

Use the provided template editor (WYSIWYG) to design email templates or import existing ones. Use the template gallery as a starting point.

Templating language

Use contacts' custom fields and template conditions to tailor each email for a specific contact. Email yourself the current state of the template to see how it looks delivered in a real email client.

Developer friendly


Perform every action available in the app using SendingBee's APIs. The app itself is just another consumer of the API.

Search, update, and remove using custom fields

Use SendingBee's custom query language to search, update, or remove contacts using their custom fields. Assign an ID from your system as a custom field - no mapping required.

Remote templates

Export existing templates from your system in JSON and have them fetched automatically on-demand.

Event hooks

Use event hooks to notify your own system about events happening on SendingBee.

Signup Forms

Create hosted fully customizable Signup forms for your website.


Use integrations such as Zapier to easily connect with your existing applications.

Choose the right plan for your company

With branding


per month
  • Up to 2 000 contacts
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per month
  • Up to 10 000 contacts
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Most popular


per month
  • Up to 50 000 contacts
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per month
  • Up to 150 000 contacts
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per month
  • Up to 300 000 contacts
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SendingBee uses your own Amazon SES account to send emails. Learn more

What's a contact?

Contacts represent individual email addresses and are counted across projects. You can send as many emails as you want to these contacts.

Is the listed price final?

The price listed within a plan is the price for SendingBee. However, we use your own Amazon SES account to send emails and you need to pay for Amazon SES separately based on the number of sent emails. More information.

Is there a free trial?

All plans include a sandbox environment which allows you to try all features completely free of charge.

Do you provide larger plans?

Please contact us at [email protected].

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